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Regular Expressions in C++ using NetBeans and Boost

Programmers will find really attractive Netbeans and its plugins. This blog focusses in how to use Regular Expressions in C++ using NetBeans and Boost. The following instructions have been tested in both Ubuntu 7.10 and 8.04

1. Install bcp which extracts the Boost libraries
sudo apt-get install bcp

2. If you haven’t installed NetBeans do so
sudo apt-get install netbeans

If the instruction above does not work, seach in Synaptic Package Manager, and if it also fails check the   Software/Sources(System/Administration)
For our particular objective, Netbeans must be version 6.0.1, so update it if required.
Install the C++ plugin from the start page

3. Now that you have installed NetBeans, C++, Boost, the only thing missing before the writing programs is setting up Boost in NetBeans

Need the path of Boost, type in the terminal: ‘whereis boost’
Usually, it is located in: /usr/include/boost
This path must be copied in: tools/options/code assistance/c++

Finally, right click in the project
Set Configuration/Manage Configuration and in Linker/Additional Options type: -lboost_regex

For additional arguments such as an input file, type in:

If you want to use just the terminal and an editor such as gedit, install bcp, and in the terminal type:

g++ -o regex_program regex.cpp -lboost_regex

I recommend ‘Regular Expression Plugin’ in Netbeans

In Tools/Plugin
To open: Search for regular, and install ‘Regular Expression Plugin’
Tools/Plugin/regular expression plugin

It can be also be downloaded, and after install within NetBeans

Programming Examples

All about configuration

For windows’ folks


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